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Tome - Active Consumable.

Tier 4 Paper.


Pages of wisdom. What secrets do they contain?

Stats Edit

  • Gives a +1 increase to a random stat. it's also has a rare chance to increase two random stats instead.


  • The Pugilist cannot use the Tome to increase stats ("I don't have time to read!"), instead they will throw ít at an enemy, dealing 2-8 damage. When thrown the Pugilist will quote "Eat Book!" or "Learn Something!".
  • The Intellect stat boost is rarely given to any other class but it's very normal to get it as a Wizard.
  • One of the only two Paper Recipes that is not a Scroll, the other is the Spellbook.
  • The stat boost is preset, so you can't save scum to get different stat ups.