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A cunning and agile rogue who follows two simple principles. One, don't get caught; and two, take everything that wasn't nailed down.
-Unlock with 3000 morale in Kongregate/mobile versions; starting class in Steam version-

The Thief was one of the three classes available in the first Cardinal Quest, the others being Fighter and Wizard.

Base StatsEdit

Base Stats
Normal Hard Suicide


16 14 12
Attack 10 10 10
Defense 10 9 8
Speed 8 7 6
Intellect 10 10 10
Faith 7 7 7
Magic Resist 0 0 0
Stealth 1 1 1

Base Damage - Min 0, Max 2

Starter Set Edit

Weapon Body Headwear Gloves Footwear Jewelry Items
Basic Dagger Linen Shirt Fancy Hat X Leather Shoes X 2 Scrolls of Find Treasure

Sleep Powder

Extra Big Stick (Subtlety Pack)

None (Naked Pack)

Leather Armor (Survival Pack)

Sneaking Cape (Naked Pack)

X X X X Speed Potion and Blinding Powder (Assault Pack)

Full Healing Potion (Survival Pack)


  • From The Shadows

(Starting Perk) - Inspire extra Morale by killing with Sneak Attacks. (+5 Morale)

  • Airstrike

(Unlock 8000 morale) - +3 base Faith. Start with Glide instead of Shadow Walk.

  • Bosh

(Unlock 4500 morale) - Sneak Attacks only do ordinary damage but daze enemies.

  • Silent But Deadly

(Unlock 8000 morale) - Shadow Walk and Shadow Mastery last twice as long. -1 base Speed.

  • Ghost Run​

(Unlock 3000 morale) - Get XP by looting chest, not killing. Enemies are fewer, but smart foes(except bosses) may summon help.

[On runs with Ghost Run as the equipped perk, the game will notify the player when they have looted all chests in the current area.]


  • Assault Pack

(Unlock 1600 morale) - Speed Potion and Blinding Powder.

  • Survival Pack

(Unlock 1600 morale) - Health Potion and Leather Armor.

  • Subtlety Pack

(Unlock 4800 morale) - Start with a Big Stick (2-3 damage, -1 Speed) instead of your Dagger.

  • Naked Pack

(Unlock 8000 morale) - Start unarmed but with a Sneaking Cape (+2 Stealth).

  • Merchant's pack​

(Unlock 10000 morale) - You're determined to steal items from Scavengers instead of paying. Yes, they'll get mad!



-Set 1-

  • Celerity (+speed)

Increase your Speed stat.

  1. +1 speed
  2. +2 speed
  3. +3 speed
  4. +4 speed
  • Subtlety (+stealth)

Increase your Stealth stat.

  1. +1 stealth
  2. +2 stealth
  • Toughness (+HP)

Your experience in battle hardens you against all kinds of damage.

  1. +4 hp each rank. Unlimited ranks.

-Set 2-

*Minimum level: 4

*Buy previous talent. (Celerity)

*Can't get this if you have Flash Bomb.

*Minimum level: 4

*Buy previous talent. (Subtlety)

*Can't get this if you have Dash.

*Minimum level: 4

*Buy previous talent. (Toughness)

-Set 3-

*Minimum level: 6

*Can't get this if you have Flurry.

*Minimum level: 6

*Can't get this if you have Shadow Mastery.


  • The Thief has moderate health, attack, and defense meaning getting cornered can easily end your life.
  • Bushes and corners are your best friends when playing the Thief.
  • Daggers are one of the best weapons for a Thief thanks to the +Backstab bonus. Maces can also be a great choice due to their high critical chance and the Thief's high speed that mitigates their Speed penalty. Additionally, the Attack penalty for Axes is largely mitigated by attacking unalerted monsters.
  • Highly focus on items and skills that provide an escape so you can survive better and even get more kills. Any teleport skills (Teleport, Blink, Teleport Away) are recommended, while Charm, Magic Mirror and Fear provide good crowd control.
  • Hitting unprovoked enemies is a guaranteed hit regardless of your attack or their defense, use your skills wisely for clean stealth kills. Shadow Walk and Shadow Mastery are tailored for this but other skills like Haste, Glide, Sleep and Dispel can be useful too.
  • Enemies that become aware of your presence, whether via succeeding on a detection role or taking a hit from one of your attacks or effects, spend one of their turns spotting you before they begin to attack or give chase. If you aren't sure you can kill an enemy in 2 of your own turns, retreat immediately upon being detected to give yourself a better chance of losing them.
  • Thieves can make good use of Magic skills thanks their high intellect. Stone Skin is suggested only in desperate situations such as being cornered, since it takes away from the Thief's hit-and-run game.
  • The Thief has the lowest faith stat in the game so Holy Skills will have a long cooldown especially Dispel and Sleep.
  • Flurry is a great talent if you favor brutally making sure the target is dead. However you will need a good amount of attack, health, and speed and having an escape skill such as Dash.
  • When using the Ghost Run perk, enemies will only "alert" for backup once they're injured. The enemies coming to help might be tougher enemies that would appear in the next couple of floors.
  • In the Tower the Dagger Mastery passive limit is increased by 50% for every tower block completed, capable of reaching a damage bonus of 250% and higher. This can make daggers the most damaging weapon type in the game, and complement perfectly with the Thief's stealth-killing game.

Flavor Text Edit

Act 1 Edit

Act 1 Text
Floor Dialogue
The Village They haven't noticed you yet. Do this right and they won't - until your steel sinks into their necks.
The Forest They were looting the village. They'll be stockpiling somewhere.
The Town A fortress full of soldiers and trinkets? No-one will miss a few.
The Keep You slam and bar the doors behind you, dismissing the unsettling feeling you're in too deep.
Asterion's Lair The lord and his two lieutenants are here - and watchful. Three quick kills and his treasure's yours for the picking.

Act 2 Edit

Act 2 Text
Floor Dialogue
The Mountain Path You hear the wolves howling. You shiver and pull your cloak tighter.
The Monastery The bigger the dragon, the bigger the hoard. The Cult follow big dragons - and they'll lead your right to her.
Spider Nests Ugh. Spiders... you hate spiders.
The Caves You've heard dragons sleep on piles of gold, and you wonder... why should they get all the fun?
The Mines You slip deeper, the rough walls giving way to tunnels and loaded storerooms.
Xiatol's Lair Dragon scales are worth a pretty penny. Surely she won't miss a few.

Act 3 Edit

Act 3 Text
Floor Dialogue
City Gates The Capital's been in chaos since the invasion and the fighting's moved elsewhere. What better time... to make a killing?
City Streets The merchants' homes would tempt a lesser Thief but you're set on a bigger score-- the Academy.
Mage Academy The finest treasures will be in the basement vault, you're sure. You'll get past the Guardians somehow...
Academy Basement Right... how do mages think? Will their greatest prizes be hidden or out in the open?
The Wasteland This... isn't any vault you recognize. The portal won't respond. Looks like you'll need another way back.
Alien Palace Panic aside, you can't help noticing the wealth on display. Maybe it's worth looking around before moving on...
Shiurath's Domain Seems the guards won't follow you in here. It suddenly hits you: that's not a good thing.

The Tower Edit

Tower Text
Floor Dialogue
1st Floor No-one knows what lies at the top of the Tower. You intend to find out - and steal it.
Boss Floor A gated floor. You can't just slip through this one.

Something's waiting... you'd better be careful.

It's quiet. Too quiet.

Tower Block Cleared There's more!?