Some terrain tiles block movement, affect the player character's stats, or deal damage when moved over.


  • provides +2 stealth, -2 defense when stood on.
  • Blocks vision.
  • Enemies also lose 2 defense when in bushes, in higher difficulties they will avoid going in them.


  • Deals 3 damage every turn.
  • Fire tiles only appear in Xiatol's lair (2-8) after she uses her fire breath.
  • Blocks vision.

Lava / PitsEdit

Lava pit
  • Impossible to move across without using Glide.
  • Moving onto this tile without flight will kill you.
  • Pistols recoil and both forms of charge can kill if you charge into an enemy standing adjacent to a pit, or by pushed off by recoil. Using Vital Strike unarmed on shiurath's eyes will place the player over the pit, also killing them.

Using GlideEdit

With Glide you can fly over certain obstacles such as furniture, walls, and so on. Tiles such as bushes and fire will not affect stats or vision while Gliding.

However, if Glide expires or is dispelled while you are hovering over a lava or pit tile, you will die instantly.

Using the Glide spell while Wind Running over a pit also kills you, since Glide interrupts Windrunners before applying the buff.

Videos Edit

Bush interaction

Bush interaction