Long Sword

Swords are basic, balanced weapons for melee combat. Click on the listed swords to see specifics and enchantments.


In order of price and rarity:

Tier 1 Edit

Short sword icon
Short Sword

Tier 2 Edit

Long Sword
Long Sword

Tier 3 Edit

Rune sword
Rune Sword

Broad Claymore
Broad Claymore

Tier 4 Edit

Jewelled Sword
Jewelled Sword

Twin bladed katana
Twin Bladed Katana


Weeping katana icon
Weeping Katana



  • Swords do moderate damage while most of them don't make you lose a stat unlike other weapon types.
  • Swords are basically the balanced weapons in the game in which you can go all out but without the high damage or any risk involved.
  • A Vital Strike from a sword make the enemy lose 4 speed temporarily and can cause bleeding which deals 0-3 damage every turn.