Spyglass - Active Consumable.

Tier 3 Dry.


Examine an enemy to determine its strengths and weaknesses. Grants a permanent advantage vs enemy type.

Stats Edit

  • Grants a buff against one enemy type for the remainder of the run.


  • Costs 50 gold to buy from Scavenger.
  • Can be used as an ingredient for Combine. Cannot be obtained as a result.
  • The spyglass buff is not permanent. Once the Act or Tower run has ended, you lose all the information gained from the spyglass.
  • Buffs from examining enemies with the Spyglass will apply to any enemy of the same species. For example, using a spyglass on a Ogre will grant a +50% Crit chance for all Ogres.
  • Can also be used on the Scavenger for a 20% discount on all items.
  • Can be used on the Dark Goblin and the Succubus (holding a wand) for the ability to see all invisible enemies (See pics below).
  • There are three different buffs for Mages: one for Conjurers, one for Fire Mages and Archmages, and one for Battlemages and Priests. They stack up.
  • For a full exhaustive list of what gets affected, check out the Monster List.

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