All of the consumables in the game are a part of one of three groups, when items of the same group are Combined, they make a random item in that group of the next tier up.

Example: Combining two Dry tier 1 items (Blinding Powder and/or Poison Powder) will, if successful, make a Dry tier 2 item (Offering or Sleep Powder). Which Dry tier 2 item gets made is random, and will not always be the same if the same two ingredients are combined again.


  • What type of item you get depends on what type(s) of items you're combining:
    • Wet always has priority. If either ingredient is wet, the result will be wet (failures make Strange Fluid)
    • Paper has second priority. If one ingredient is paper, and the other is paper or dry, the result will be paper (except for failures, which make Scrap Materials)
    • Dry has lowest priority. The result will only be dry if both ingredients are dry