Polymorph - Skill.


Transform a creature into another form.


  • Transforms the target into a randomly determined creature. The Polymorphed creature takes on the stats and appearance of the monster it becomes for a brief time.
  • Transformed monsters can use both their original skills and their new form's skills.
  • When polymorphed, enemies will keep a portion of their original health.
  • Can turn enemies into harmless Chickens, which are otherwise never naturally encountered in the game.


  • Recharges with Intellect.
  • Also works on allies; can be used on a Magic Mirror to turn it into a powerful monster. Somewhat less worthwhile when used on Dog as the transformation can also change it into a weak enemy that dies quickly.
  • Useful against tough enemies later in the Acts or higher levels of The Tower, however polymorphed monsters will retain the colored aura in the Tower.
  • Using the Wizard's Classicist perk, this spell will cost 13 mana.
  • Caution should be taken when using this spell, as there is a chance that the target could be polymorphed into something even more dangerous, such as a Kobold in Act 1 being polymorphed into a Horror from Act 3, which is likely to end badly if the player does not run away as soon as possible.