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Holy warrior from a powerful monastic order devoted to eradicating magic users. The accursed red Magic spells, if needed, cost 2 HP to cast.
-Unlock with 6500 morale for Kongregate/mobile versions; unlock by earning Sorceror Achievement for Steam version-

Character Sprites Edit

Male Edit


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Base StatsEdit

Base Stats
Normal Hard Suicide


18 16 14
Attack 11 11 11
Defense 9 9 8
Speed 6 5 4
Intellect 10 10 10
Faith 10 10 10
Magic Resist 1 1 1
Stealth 1 1 1

Base Damage: Min 0, Max 2

Starter Set Edit

Weapon Body Headwear Gloves Footwear Jewelry Items
Basic Short Sword Leather Armor X X X Amulet of Enlightenment Full Healing Potion

Offering (removed with Taking Donations)

Extra Holy Staff (Devotee) X X X X X Reinforcement Patch (replaces Offering, Taking Donations)

Mana BurnEdit

As stated in the class's description, the use of Magic Skills as a Paladin will deal 2 damage to the player and apply a temporary debuff labelled "Mana Burn" which reduces maximum health by 2 for a short duration. Mana Burn from Wrath of God will deal a different amount of damage.


  • Purifier

(Starting Perk) - Inspire extra Morale with kills involving the Righteous Fury or Judgement talents. (+20 morale)

  • Noncombatant

(Unlock 15,000 morale) - Gain double experience for leaving enemies alive on a level but none for killing them.

  • Devotee

(Unlock 6000 morale) : -1 base Defense and +1 Faith. Begin with a Holy Staff instead of your Short Sword.​

  • Storm and Thunder

(Unlock 9500 morale) - Doubles the damage to enemies caused by the ultimate Wrath of God talent.

  • Forbidden Arts​

(Unlock 6500 morale) - Swap Holy Armor for 'Mania' - a magic spell that forces targets to wound themselves and allies.


DispelPrayer Of Silence

(Unlock 4500 morale) - Start with the extra spell Dispel, which cancels magical effects and stuns casters.

HealPrayer Of Life

(Unlock 8800 morale) - Start with the extra spell Heal at the cost of -4 base HP.

FearTurn Evil

(Unlock 6200 morale) - Start with the extra spell Fear.

Taking DonationsTaking Donations

(Unlock 1600 morale) - Lose your starting Offering in return for extra gold and an Armor Patch.



Holy ArmorHoly Armor - Starting skill. ManiaMania - Replaces Holy Armor when using the Forbidden Arts perk.

-Set 1-

  • Purity (+faith)

Increase your Faith stat. Essential for casting Holy spells.

  1. +1 faith
  2. +2 faith
  3. +3 faith
  • Precision (+attack)

Increase your Attack stat.

  1. +1 attack
  2. +2 attack
  3. +3 attack
  4. +4 attack
  • Toughness (+HP)

Your experience in battle hardens you against all kinds of damage.

  1. +5 hp each rank. Unlimited ranks.

-Set 2-

*Minimum level: 3

*Buy previous talent. (Purity)

*Minimum level: 3

*Buy previous talent. (Precision)

*Can't get this if you have Judgement.

*Minimum level: 3

*Buy previous talent. (Toughness)

*Can't get this if you have Righteous Fury.

-Set 3-

*Can't get this if you have Wrath Of God.

*Using an Orb of Renewal after taking this talent will prevent it from being taken again because "you have forsaken this gift."

*Minimum level: 6

*Buy previous talent. (Righteous Fury)

*Can't get this if you have Consecrate.


  • This class is tanky so it's good to focus on getting more health and faith.
  • A high attack stat, the passive Righteous Fury and the faith-based Judgement and Bless Weapon skills also give the Paladin potential as a melee fighter, more if the player gets Consecrate early.
  • You will heavily rely on your passives and skills when playing this class. It's almost like a mage that specializes in close combat.
  • Despite having decent intellect try not to rely too much on Magic skills, as they cost HP to cast. Be also aware that casting Magic skills will kill you if you have less than 2HP, same as casting Wrath of God with 5HP or less.

Flavor Text Edit

Act 1 Edit

Act 1 Text
Floor Dialogue
The Village You unsheathe your blade. God's work will be done this day.
The Forest You pity those lying in ambush. They only add to their damnation.
The Town The priests here chase false gods and falser hope. Falseness you will expose when they bleed before you.
The Keep You have reached the heart of the evil plaguing the lowlands. Now cut it out!
Asterion's Lair The tyrant himself and his two lieutenants are here. Kill them all and purge this darkness.

Act 2 Edit

Act 2 Text
Floor Dialogue
The Mountain Path You trudge up the path, resolved to lift the curse on this mountain.
The Monastery You feel a kinship with these warriors. But all heretics must be put to the sword.
Spider Nests These creatures have forgotten their place and purpose. They should welcome oblivion.
The Caves Where there is darkness, you bring light. Where there is corruption... you cleanse.
The Mines These poor fools... worshipping their mortal deity. You'll show them a dragon can bleed.
Xiatol's Lair Such beasts were not meant to rule God's children. Today you set things right.

Act 3 Edit

Act 3 Text
Floor Dialogue
City Gates You always knew the mages were behind this. God willing, today you pass them for judgement.
City Streets The stench of moneyed corruption fills these streets. Heretics and hypocrites afraid of salvation.
Mage Academy The vipers' nest. You know how to treat snakes.
Academy Basement Dear God... they really did it. They opened a gate to Hell.
The Wasteland As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil...
Alien Palace The demons gather before you to protect their master. The Lord is your sword and shield. You will smite them down.
Shiurath's Domain You feel Satan's call. You will resist. You will be strong. You will fight.

The Tower Edit

Tower Text
Floor Dialogue
1st Floor There is great evil in the Tower. With God as your witness, you will cleanse it.
Boss Floor Distant whispers taunt you. You pay them no mind. A champion of evil is here, awaiting destruction by your hand.

What darkness lurks in these shadows?

Evil is especially deep in the stones here.

Tower Block Cleared Evil unending... requires struggle unending. You will never surrender.