Magic Skills are skills that interact with the Intellect stat to shorten cooldown time and increase effectiveness. Most magic skills either cause damage or ailments. The Wizard has a skill tree focused on Magic while the Paladin has an unique penalty against using them.

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Blink Blink

Charm Monster Charm Monster

Combine Combine

Elemental Pact Elemental Pact

Enfeeble Enfeeble

Enslave Enslave

Fireball Fireball / Ice Blast Ice Blast

Form Wisp Form Wisp

Freeze Freeze

Leech Leech

Magic Mirror Magic Mirror

Mania Mania

Mind Blast Mind Blast

Polymorph Polymorph

Stone Skin Stone Skin

Teleport Teleport

Teleport Away Teleport Away

Transfusion Transfusion

Wrath of God Wrath of God