Intellect - Stat


Intellect affects the rate of how fast Magic Skills recharge. The higher your Intellect, the more often you can cast Magic skills. Cooldown reduction is capped at one turn-- it's impossible to lower skill cooldowns below that without Inspiration or the use of Mana Potions.

Intellect, along with Faith, is one of the two spellcasting stats.

Base ValuesEdit

Base Intellect
Normal Hard Suicide


8 8 8
Thief 10 10 10
Wizard 11 11 11
Ranger 8 8 8
Paladin 10 10 10
Pugilist 8 8 8
Alchemist 10 9 8


  • The Alchemist is the only class whose Intellect scales with difficulty.
  • After the Wizard, the Alchemist and Thief are generally the most viable Magic spell-casting classes, due to their high base Intellect. (While the Alchemist's base intellect is lower in Hard and Suicide mode, it can easily be raised by putting points into Alchemist's Wits talent.)
    • Paladin would also be if not for the class's inherent Mana Burn passive, which deals 2 damage to the player whenever a Magic Skill is used.