Fireball - Skill.


Hurls a ball of fire that explodes on impact.


Damage: 1-3

Spell Damage upgrades (Only available for the Wizard)Edit

  • First Rank: 2-5.
  • Second Rank: 2-8.
  • Third Rank: 3-10.
  • Fourth Rank: 4-12.

Monsters Edit

The following monsters can use Fireball:

The following monsters can't use Fireball but the Spyglass uses the fireball icon to show that they can summon enemies:


  • Recharges with Intellect.
  • The Wizard starts out with Fireball and is the only class that can upgrade Fireball.
  • Using the Wizard's Classicist perk, this spell will cost 8 mana.
  • It appears there's data for a spell called "Explosion" in the game's code. Based on the data, it looks like an upgrade to the Fireball skill, but it never made it into the final game. It was probably scrapped because Icebolt does the exact same thing with the Slow effect.