Consecrate - Passive


Consecrate your equipped weapon, converting it into a legendary weapon of its class. The consecrated weapon's damage will increase every time you level.


Interaction with Orb of RenewalEdit

  • Using the Orb of Renewal will cause the consecrated weapon to become "fallen" and no longer gain stats from leveling.
  • You are also barred from gaining Consecrate again.


  • Consecrate is a Passive that is only available to the Paladin.
  • Every level up with a consecrated weapon will only increase its damage like a whetstone would.
  • Upon using consecrate, weapons will start with increased or new stats.
  • Upon consecration, any Intellect boost the weapon had is converted to Faith.
  • If a weapon is enchanted, then the new boost will be increased accordingly and/or keep original enchantments.
  • Weapons that have the +heavy critical will still keep it when consecrated. It can be worth waiting to consecrate heavy weapons as they do high critical damage compared to normal weapons. Daggers will keep their +back stab ability.
  • Legendary weapons keep their unique abilities (ex: +auto charge from Restless Blade).